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The Benefits of Apprenticeships

It's National Apprenticeship Week 2024 and we are so excited to celebrate this special in week in style.

To kick start us off with showcasing the benefits of apprenticeships, our Assessment Development Officer, Shirley provides her insight as to why apprenticeships are so beneficial for employers, apprentices and the economy as a whole.

'In the past, academic qualifications were often revered over vocational qualifications. Many of us believed that the only way to progress in the world was to do well at school and go to university. As student debt has escalated and society has evolved, apprenticeships correct that imbalance. Apprenticeships are an opportunity for people to develop and evidence not just the depth of knowledge that they have related to their role but also the wide range of skills that they possess to perform their chosen profession effectively.  

Now, apprenticeships are valued by employers to fill the skills gap in many sectors. Apprenticeships are also no longer limited to young people. They take into consideration the changing nature of work and provide opportunities for people of all ages to achieve meaningful qualifications and also to change careers. Apprenticeships are available at a wide range of levels up to post graduate equivalency, which might surprise some people! They are developed in association with employers from an incredible range of sectors too. The assessments are developed with experienced specialists from those industries and assessed by industry specialists too, to ensure that they are relevant for the real world of work. In the current economic climate, apprenticeships allow candidates to develop marketable skills that can increase their life chances, enhance their self-esteem and make a real contribution to the local and national economy.'

For more information on the Apprenticeship Standards that we offer the End Point Assessment for, click here.

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