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Providers ranging from small private training companies to large Further Education Colleges and Universities deliver our qualifications. Each one has to pass stringent quality assurance criteria to make sure they have the necessary expertise and resources to deliver them and provide you with a good learning experience.

Our qualifications

If you're a learner who is taking or considering an Open Awards qualification we want you to make sure you know all about it. The products we offer can be found hereOur qualification guides will give you information on the structure and content of the qualification as well as how it is assessed. More information about your course is available from the staff at your chosen centre.

Access to HE

Our Access to Higher Education Diploma is a specialist qualification aimed at giving you the level of qualification you need to progress onto University. All providers running this course have specialist knowledge and experience about HE and can help you choose the right course for your needs. For more information click here

Using Your ULN

All of our qualifications are credit-based, which means that you can build these up and add them together to achieve the full award. Because our qualifications have been designed like this it means that you may be able to build up your qualification through taking courses at more than one provider.  Since 2008, all learners have been issued with a Unique Learner Number (ULN), which you can use to track what you have achieved and what steps you might need to take to achieve your career goals. For more information about your ULN, visit

Replacement Certificates

If you have already achieved a qualification through us, but need a replacement certificate, please click here