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Approving Excellent Programmes

What is it? The Badge of Excellence is Open Awards’ quality assurance mark that recognises excellent training, development and learning provision and meaningful outcomes. It has been designed for programmes that would not be enhanced by the delivery of regulated qualifications or quality endorsed units

There are excellent pieces of work being completed across the public, private and third sectors that are achieving impressive outcomes for young people and adults that are not easily aligned to a qualification but still deserve to be nationally recognised as an achievement and outcome for the learner.

In line with Open Awards' mission to change lives through learning, the Badge of Excellence quality mark assures the training and learning activities rather than accrediting the learners themselves.

What can it be applied to?

The Badge of Excellence can be applied to a broad range of activities, including:

  • Face-to-face training
  • Group activities
  • Community projects
  • Distance learning
  • E-learning
  • Work placements
  • Continued professional development

 What is the criteria you will be looking for?


What is the process?

The process is simple:

  1. Application – Simple application form giving evidence of session plans, meaningful outcomes and quality assurance.
  2. Quality Checks – Open Awards complete quality checks on evidence submitted and provide development support
  3. Programme Approval – Programme is approved as meeting Open Awards Standards of Excellence for delivery and outcomes.
  4. Certification – Upon completion, learners will have their attendance formally certificated.


Next steps?

The first step is to become a centre. Fill in a New Business Enquiry Form. For more information please contact the team on 0151 494 2072.

Already a centre? Just complete the Programme Approval Form and email to