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Open Awards - Investing in Apprentices

As we continue to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we want to celebrate all the employers out there that invest in apprentices. 

At Open Awards, we strongly believe that investing in apprentices not only supports the future generation at a regional level, it also supports the national campaign to support economic growth and development within the amazing talent pools that already exist nationwide.

Here, our Director of Service Delivery, Paul Henderson-Griffiths, explains why Open Awards sees value in the investment of apprenticeships.

'Here at Open Awards, we have hired numerous apprentices, including Greg who was a business administration apprentice with us. Employing apprentices has brought us numerous benefits as an awarding organisation. By bringing in an apprentice, we have been able to work with them to really foster and embed our company ethos and values and tailor the support they receive to support their development needs. I believe this has helped our apprentices to grow and progress quickly within our organisation. Greg for example, within a 12-month period has completed his apprenticeship and has progressed to a dual role as a Customer Service Advisor and building our qualifications. Apprentices are also great for bringing in a new perspective and fresh thinking to business and we have seen this recently at Open Awards with our Data Apprentice Matthew.  

For us apprenticeships contribute to a culture of continuous learning within Open Awards. As apprentices acquire new skills and knowledge, they can apply these directly to their roles. This infusion of fresh perspectives and ideas from apprentices can be particularly valuable in helping us develop and grow overall as an organisation. Open Awards has benefitted from a diverse pool of talent of our apprentices.  

Moreover, having apprentices at Open Awards in all positions but especially in administration positions fosters a sense of loyalty and commitment among employees. Apprentices are likely to feel a strong connection to the organisation that invests in their professional development. In the long run, having skilled and committed apprentices enhances the overall effectiveness of our business and for us there is a sense of pride and satisfaction in helping to support and develop the careers of our apprentices.'

As part of our commitment to apprentices nationwide, we are also proud to be a registered End Point Assessment Organisation for many standards. Make sure to check them out here and get in touch for a chat if you would like to discuss any upcoming EPA's for your apprentices.

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