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Care Certificate

To support learners to achieve the qualification the DHSC has provided funding through the new Adult Social Care Training and Development Fund, and guidance on how to access this funding can be found by clicking on the following link.

You can use your induction and training to support the delivery of the Level 2 Adult Social Care certificate. This could include the delivery of mandatory training modules, on the job experience, and online courses. You will need to ensure your learners are able to fully meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria within the unit specifications. 

You will be required to complete a portfolio of evidence set and marked by the education provider and externally quality assured by Open Awards.

You must provide sufficient evidence that they have the required knowledge, skills and understanding of the assessment criteria and that it is their own work.

Types of evidence could include:
a) Written assignments
b) Examinations
c) Observation of performance
d) Questioning (written or oral)
e) Practical Activities
f) Photographs or videos
g) Personal statements
h) Reflective logs
i) Project work
j) Witness testimonies
k) Group discussion

Assessment practices must follow the joint Skills for Care and Skills for Health Assessment Principles for the Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) in England, Skills for Care and Development Assessment Principles and the Additional Assessment Principles Guidance developed and agreed by Skills for Care and the Joint Awarding Body Qualtiy Group (JABQG).

Care workers who are non-UK nationals are eligible for funding, as long as they are legally employed and have a UK National Insurance Number. Non-UK nationals and their employers must also meet the standard eligibility requirements which are outlined in the guidance: Adult Social Care Training and Development Fund: a guide for employers - GOV.UK (


A portion of the funding for the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate may be claimed in advance of the learner completing the qualification; employers may claim for 60% of the training course costs incurred once they can provide evidence of proof of payment and confirm the employee has started the qualification, and claim the remaining 40% of costs incurred once they can evidence the employee has completed the course.

More information regarding funding can be found via the Department for Health and Social Care's Fact Sheet here.



In March 2023, the Department for Health and Social Care appointed Skills for Care to develop a qualification specification to enable better consistency in portability and standardisation in how the current standards are delivered, achieved, and assessed. Currently over 50% of the workforce do not hold an accredited qualification but the sector is filled with experienced and committed colleagues who deserve to be acknowledged for the skilled care they provide.

For more information on this qualification, check out our qualification guide and the Department for Health and Social Care factsheet.