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The Benefits of an Education Focused Access to HE Diploma

An Access to HE Diploma in Education is a qualification that prepares adult learners without traditional qualifications for study at university. It is an academic course that provides learners with the basics of the knowledge and skills required for a career in Education along with important life and study skills that learners will look to develop during their time at university. 

Some of the core benefits of an Access to HE Diploma include: 

  • It can help learners achieve their dream career by opening up opportunities for Higher Education. 
  • It can boost learners confidence and motivation by enabling them to learn new things and overcome challenges. 
  • It can enhance learners' academic abilities by teaching them how to research, write essays, present arguments, and work independently and collaboratively. 
  • It can offer learners flexibility and support by allowing them to study at your own pace, either full-time or part-time, and by distance learning if they so wish  
  • It fully prepares learners for the next part of their journey – university.  
  • The course paves the way for progression into many different career paths including teaching, education administration, teaching assistant, exams team leads and tutoring. 
  • It can change lives! 

We hope you found this post of interest and if you're a learner looking for an Access to HE Diploma near you or an education provider considering offering Access to HE courses, please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

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