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The Accessibility and Relevance of Entry-Level Functional Skills

Our External Quality Assurance Officer, Kay Taylor provides an insight into the benefits of Entry Level Functional Skills.

As someone who used to teach entry level Functional Skills, I see them as providing an accessible route for learners to improve their knowledge in Maths and English. Each level is like a stepping stone to the next, building understanding and confidence, and allowing learners to move through the levels at a pace that suits them.

What makes Functional Skills even more accessible is that lessons can be contextualised, meaning learners are able to tackle topics they may find tricky within a context they are familiar with. In my experience, this has a positive effect on learners as it helps to break down barriers they’ve previously made to the subjects by delivering them within scenarios they are used to.

What I love about Functional Skills is that, unlike other qualifications, the focus is to help learners tackle situations they might face at work and in everyday life, meaning they can get on with learning the things they really need. This approach lets them see that what is being learnt is relevant to their lives, reinforcing the usefulness of their learning.

When it comes to the assessments, they are designed to be user-friendly and include problems and scenarios that replicate everyday situations.

At entry level, we use simple language in our Functional Skills assessments, therefore removing unnecessary barriers and allowing learners’ knowledge and understanding to shine through.

For entry level SLC assessments, topics are chosen by providers, meaning they can pick talking points that best suit their learners, again giving them the greatest chance to achieve their potential.

I think entry level Functional Skills are excellent qualifications as they provide a pathway for learners to achieve confidence and competence in maths and English, giving them a basis for future progression in education, work, and life.  


If you would like to know more about delivering Functional Skills in Maths and English at Entry Level, please complete the Initial Enquiry Form

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