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Our Commitment to being an Inclusive Assessment Organisations

Open Awards has committed to being an inclusive assessment organisation by signing up to Cognassist's Inclusive Assessment Partner Program.

The team at Open Awards will be completing the Neuro-Inclusion Charter training provided by Cognassist and our processes have been updated to acknowledge our Cognitive Report as evidence when considering reasonable adjustments for neuro-different learners.

Cognassist strongly believe in promoting social mobility and upholding principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion - values perfectly aligned to Open Awards. 

Nina Hinton, Director of Business and Development said: 

"I am happy to confirm our pledge to promote social mobility and uphold principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. As a charitable awarding organisation and end-point assessment organisation, our mission is to support educational achievement for all which includes providing all learners (regardless of their neuro-differences) with a level playing field for success. Our mission runs through all decision making at Open Awards, keeping accessibility as a key consideration in the development and delivery of our qualifications and assessments."

Robin Jackson, Director of Assessment said:

We are continually looking for opportunities to eliminate barriers within Open Awards assessment practice and engaging with the Cognassist Inclusive Assessment Charter presents a opportunity to help work towards reducing risks to learners being disadvantaged.

Open Awards is now working towards becoming a fully certified partner of the Cognassist program over the next 3 months. You can find out more about Cognassist on their website.

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