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Open Awards to offer the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate

A few weeks ago we announced our intention to offer the new Level 2 qualification in Adult and Social Care Certificate. We are extremely excited about going live with this qualification on 1st June (subject to approval from Department of Health and Social Care and Skills for Care) this year and our Head of Product Development (Qualifications and Assessment), Julie Goodwin, explains why.....

Open Awards are excited to bring to you the new Level 2 qualification in Adult and Social Care Certificate. Initially Skills for Care was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to develop a specification for the development of a new Care Certificate qualification based on the existing Care Certificate standards.

These standards cover 15 areas which are:

* Understanding your role

* Personal development

* Duty of care, equality and diversity

* Work in a person-centred way

* Communication

* Privacy and dignity

* Fluids and nutrition

* Awareness of mental health

* Dementia and learning difficulties

* Safeguarding adults

* Safeguarding children

* Basic life support

* Health and safety

* Handling information

* Infection prevention and control.

From the specification, Open Awards has developed a new qualification to support the sector. It will act as a baseline standard and help to recognise our care workforce and the professional career that it is. It is a very exciting qualification for those involved in the Adult Social Care sector.'

To support learners to achieve the qualification the DHSC has provided funding through the new Adult Social Care Training and Development Fund, and guidance on how to access this funding can be found by clicking on the following link.

The qualification will be available to register learners to from 3rd June 2024 (subject to approval from Department of Health and Social Care and Skills for Care) so if you would like to chat to us about this, please get in touch.

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