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Getting Inspired to learn Braille

As part of the celebrations for our new Braille qualifications launch, we travelled to Clitheroe to meet our colleagues from Braille IT to host our 'Get Inspired to Teach Braille' session. 

The session was hosted by the experts at Braille IT and attendees consisted of regular Braille IT learners, local library staff and Open Awards staff. 

Our clerical administrator Annette was one of the delegates and shares with us why the event was so special to her......

'I was fortunate enough to attend the event last week in Clitheroe with one of our providers – Braille IT. I am visually impaired / partially sighted so was really interested in what the content of the session would be about!

It was a very interesting and interactive session and both Chris and Alison from Braille IT are just lovely. They welcomed us with open arms and introduced us to some of their current learners.

We got talking to some of the learners and they were so inspiring as they told us their stories of how they lost their sight and how Braille IT have helped them massively in teaching them how to read and produce braille. I had an amazing time learning all about braille and having a go at learning the alphabet in braille. It was so fascinating to see how people produced it on Christmas cards and even Advent calendars.

I was that fascinated in it that I have now become a learner too. My eyesight isn’t that bad that I need to learn braille, it’s purely out of interest that I want to learn more about it and you never know when you might need it in the future! It really was such an inspirational and informative time and I cannot wait to see them all again soon.'

For more information on our Braille qualifications, click here.

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