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Double Celebrations at Apex Charitable Trust

Open Awards and Apex Charitable Trust have been working together for four years with the centre delivering our Level 2 Award in Peer Mentoring. This past month Apex has a lot to celebrate with their CEO, Kim Hughes being awarded British Citizen Award and launching their new venture, the Plan Bee Community Coffee Shop.

Kim Hughes, of Apex Charitable Trust, has been awarded a British Citizen Award at the Palace of Westminster in recognition of her extraordinary endeavours. The British Citizen Award, in partnership with One-Stop, is now in its fifth year and recognises exceptional individuals who positively impact their communities throughout the country.

Kim has been a volunteer for Apex Charitable Trust since 1998. She works with and supports ex-offenders helping them to turn their lives around. Kim shows kindness and compassion believing everyone deserves a second chance. She knows that education and opportunities not only help reduce reoffending but strengthen communities by giving people a sense of purpose and worth.

The Apex Charitable Trust also launched their brand-new community coffee shop in North Road, St Helens called Plan Bee. The community coffee shop forms part of the charity which has been established since 1965 and will help to generate much-needed income to help deliver their fantastic services. 

Kim Hughes BCAv the charity's CEO said “as an organization, we want to improve lives and contribute to a safer community, we do this by providing employment opportunities for people with convictions, enabling them to reach their full potential. I believe everyone deserves a second chance”. 

Plan Bee aims at bringing the best out of people helping them to turn their lives around reducing reoffending rates and leading to safer communities.

We would like to congratulate Kim on her award and the trust on opening their amazing new cafe.

If you would like to find out more about Apex Charitable Trust visit or call them on 01744 612898

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