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Autism Awareness - Top findings from course

Our Head of Business Growth, Rachel Newman has recently completed an Autism Awareness course from TES. In this article, Rachel highlights some of the key learnings from the course…..

“As it’s Neurodiversity Week 2024, I thought it would be apt to share my key learnings from the recent course I completed online called Autism Awareness. I completed the course initially in a bid to enhance my knowledge of Autism. I am currently a trustee at Ascent College and am aware that the legislation, theories, and models related to the world of Autism change frequently so wanted this course to refresh and upskill.

Some of the most interesting things I studied included:

  • Diagnostic Criteria – It was really interesting to understand the process for diagnosis and the work that goes into it.
  • Communication Strategies – Was new for me to understand non-verbal communication cues, adapt language and tone, and utilize visual supports
  • Sensory Sensitivities – Was great to understand the differences between sensory sensitivities and how different learners may be affected by smell, touch, or sound to name a few! Learners may learn about sensory integration techniques and environmental modifications to support individuals with sensory challenges..
  • Inclusive Environments – It was really interesting to understand the importance of strategies for promoting inclusion in educational, workplace, and community settings. It was amazing to see how schools and colleges adapt learning spaces to accommodate the learners.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations – I didn’t really expect this to be a topic on the course but it's so important to understand the legal and ethical considerations related to supporting individuals with Autism. I particularly enjoyed looking at issues of confidentiality and informed consent and researching those advocating for individuals' rights.

I really enjoyed this course and feel I now have a better understanding of early intervention and support services in enhancing the quality of life for individuals with Autism. I am a strong advocate for equal opportunities and champion accessibility and empowerment for those individuals and their families navigating the autism spectrum.”

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