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Open Awards Level 1 Certificate in Science (RQF)

Key Information

Qualification Code: 603/1407/2

Sector: Science and Mathematics

Level: L1

Start Date: 08 May 2017

Review Date: 31 August 2027

Guided Learning Hours: 154

TQT: 180

The primary purpose of this qualification is to prepare learners for further learning/training and/or to develop skills in a subject area. If learners have an interest in Science but are not ready to work towards a GCSE or other Level 2 Science qualification then this qualification could be appropriate for them. It has been designed to give learners transferable skills required to complete scientific investigations as well as giving you the opportunity to cover a range of scientific theories and concepts relating to Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Credit Value of the Qualification:


Minimum Credits to be achieved at the Level of the Qualification:


Mandatory Units A:


Generic Optional Group B1-B3

(Learner must achieve a minimum of 1 credit from each pathway B1, B2, B3)


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