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Keywords e.g. warehousing
Qualification Code e.g. 600/5640/X
Keywords e.g. warehousing
Unit Code e.g. Y/505/4889
Open Awards Unit ID e.g. CBF498
Keywords e.g. warehousing
Open Awards Unit Code e.g. UA33ART12
Open Awards Unit ID e.g. CBF521

Registration and Award

To complete an Open Awards qualification or course you will need to be registered with one of our approved centres. You should contact your local school, college or training provider to discuss your learning plans / aspirations and identify a suitable course. 

If you have misplaced or lost your original certificate please call us on 0151 494 2072 for a friendly chat to discuss the options available to you.  We will check our records at the same time to confirm if you are registered with Open Awards thus saving you time and money.

Please click here for more information. 

Your learning / training provider should be giving you feedback throughout your course on your progress. They will be able to tell you when you have completed the qualification and they have submitted your results to us. Once we have externally quality assured your results, we will confirm with your learning / training provider and process your certificate of achievement. 

All Open Awards qualification and course certificates are sent to the learning / training provider you are registered with. They will have their own internal procedure for ensuring you receive this. Please contact your learning / training provider in the first instance if you think should have received a certificate and haven't. 

This will depend on what you are studying and which centre you are with as each learning / training provider will set their own tuition fees. Please contact your local school, college or training provider to discuss funding and any costs you will need to pay.