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Keywords e.g. warehousing
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Contact Manager

Using Contact Manager

1. Log on to Open Awards Secure Portal (role must be ‘Administration Contact’)

2. Click on the 'Contact Manager' icon


To Add a New Contact

1. Click the 'Add New Contact' button

2. Fill in the contact's name, site, telephone, role, and email

3. Click 'Add'

4. New contact should then go the Open Awards website click on ‘Portal Login’ (top left of screen)

5. Click on ‘Create New or Reset Password’ link

6. Enter their username (this is their full name as entered above by you all lower case no spaces)

7. They should click ‘Continue’ they will then be sent a link to create a new password


To Modify Names, Email, Telephone, Job-Title or Site

1. Click on the 'Actions' menu against the corresponding contact, select: 'Modify'.

2. Amend the names, email and/or select a different site

3. Click the 'Modify' button


To Add a New Role to an Existing Contact

1. Click on 'Actions' menu next to the corresponding contact select: 'Add New role'

2. Set the required new role and the site at which the contact holds that role

3. Click the 'Add' button


NB: You cannot modify an existing contact's role however, if a contact changes role you should add a new role (as above) and close the existing role for the contact


To Expire (or Close) an Existing Contact

1. Press the arrow on the drop-down actions menu left of the contact’s details

2. Click on the 'Close' link next to the contact (role/site) which is to be expired

3. Confirm