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Registering Learners

Access to HE learners should be registered within 6 weeks of the learner’s individual start date via the Open Awards Secure Portal or before the learners official (usually UCAS) application deadline.

Please make sure that learners are registered with the correct details and on the correct Diploma. If learners are registered incorrectly, there will be an administration charge to rectify errors.

Learners can be added onto course runs up until 6 weeks from the start date but are subject to the 6-week registration deadline.

Amendments or late registrations may be requested up to 26 weeks from the learner’s start date but are only considered in extenuating circumstances and on an individual basis. These requests may result in further investigations by Open Awards and control measures may be applied. Please see section on Late or Incorrect Course Registrations below.

Learner data can be submitted using the provided LRF (Access to HE) template or via a report generated from your own MIS system. The data provided must be in accordance with the Access to the HE Data Specification document which is available via the secure portal.

Further information is available in section 4 of the Access to HE Handbook.