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FAQs - Access Providers

As long as there are no issues, certificates will be dispatched to centres within 2 weeks of the FAB. This depends on the centre having sent the minutes to us and also confirming agreement of the Award of credit reports that are sent out as part of results processing.


Certificates are sent to the registered Administration Contact at the centre unless an alternative contact name has been provided. They will be checked and then distributed to learners.

Please notify our Access to HE team as soon as possible. You will be asked complete an Award of Credit Amendment form and provide evidence of the correct grade. There will be a charge to process these amendments. QAA are notified of all grade amendments.

From September 2018, learners must be registered within 6 weeks from the learners individual start date. This date must be the same as the start date you use on the learner's Individual Learner Record. This is now collected on the Learner Registration Form (LRF). Providers have until midnight on the day of the deadline to register their learners.

Yes, learners can be withdrawn at any point during the course. To do this, providers should open the course run on the portal and change the status of the learner in the learner table. Learners withdrawn after the 6 week deadline are still chargeable.

Yes, however learners reinstated more than 6 weeks from their course start date are classed as late registrations and may be rejected. You will be contacted by a member of the team regarding these learners as with other late registrations.

Please email with as much information as possible about the diploma and the units to be queried. A member of the team will contact you to discuss. 

Any Open Awards units that the learner has achieved in the last 5 years will automatically pull through the markbook. If the units were achieved longer than 5 years ago, the learner may need to take them again. 

If the units are from another Awarding Body the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy needs to be adhered to. Please see the Access to HE Provider handbook for further information.

Please contact if you have any queries about individual learners.  

You may be able to register learners late depending on the individual circumstances. Please register the learners as usual via the Secure Portal and a member of the team will contact you to complete a request form. Please note they may be rejected. Please contact a member of the team at to discuss individual learner queries.