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Blended Learning Packages

Welcome to Open Awards Blended Learning Packages.

We have been working on an exciting project through the Department for Education’s Flexible Learning Fund and with our centres to bring our learners new Blended Learning Packages for our Access to HE Diplomas in Health Pathway, including development units.

For this year (2018/19) the Packages are free to use, and a demonstration is available to view. Simply click on the image below and you will be redirected to a login page. When prompted add in the following username and password - enjoy!


Password: openawards




We have a total of 50 units in development in the following areas: Biology; Psychology; Criminology; Health Studies; Sport and Exercise; Sociology. 


For a full list of units in development, as well as their release dates, please click here

What do we mean by Blended Learning?

Blended learning is online learning that is blended with classroom-based learning.  Therefore, the aim of Open Awards blended learning packages is to provide the online content part of this blend.

Our online content has been designed to provide learners with a “chunk” of learning that either covers a learning outcome of an Access to HE Unit, provides a subject overview or revision.  It has been structured to:

  • Introduce the learner to the topic
  • Develop the topic
  • Test knowledge gained
  • Stretch the learner with further reading
  • Help build study skills
  • Leave the learner working at Level 3
  • Lead the learner back to class

For learners, each unit comes with a Knowledge Input Tracker.  This is a companion workbook that follows the online content and requires the learner to record what they have learned online and what they need to specifically ask for help with from their tutor.  This is in the form of a Word document so learners can print and complete it by hand or complete electronically.  In addition, the workbook aids the learner with their note taking study skills too.  In addition to the online content, we have included handouts and other useful paper-based resources.

For tutors, we will provide a Purpose Statement so that it will be clear what has been covered online, to what extent and why.  So that you can understand how the online content can fit in with further classroom study and preparation for assignments.  We also provide a Tutor Guide to the system which provides links to the course resources along with a lesson plan and powerpoint so that you can feel confident introducing the Packages to your learners.


For further details please contact Julie Goodwin on 0151 494 4342 or email  


Got a question? We have the answer! Click here to view our FAQs


In the meantime, feel free to watch our pre-recorded presentation below which outlines the project, the learning packages available and how to get involved!