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Assessing Assignments

Unit Assessment Plans

Each Access to HE Diploma must be supported by an assessment plan for each unit that makes sure that learners are able to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and confidence that will prepare them for the rigorous assessment regimes in higher education.

In order to achieve the Diploma, learners must meet all Learning Outcomes and associated Assessment Criteria in all the units specified in the rules of combination for the Diploma.

All grade descriptors assigned to a unit must be used in the grading of the unit whenever it is delivered. Descriptors that have not been formally assigned to the unit must not be used.

Tutors must develop plans which show how they intend to assess the unit, and these plans must be internally moderated. The assessment plan should cover the whole Diploma and include:

  • Number of assignments
  • Type and range of assessments
  • How tasks will allow for differentiation
  • An assessment strategy for the whole Diploma
  • A schedule of delivery and assessment/ scheme of work
  • Consideration as to whether the strategy prepares learners for Higher Education

Where a unit is assessed by more than one assignment, the assessment strategy must clearly state which graded descriptors will be considered for each assignment and how you will apply a single grade for the unit.
Each assessment criterion can only be formally assessed from one assignment but grade descriptors can be used more than once. Grade Descriptor 7 must be used for all assignments.

Further information is available in section 6 in the Access to HE Handbook.