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Subject Writers Required

Open Awards is seeking to appoint Subject Writers for our Access to HE Blended Learning project.  The project is being funded by the Department for Education’s Flexible Learning Fund.

The role involves writing a course narrative, providing formative assessments/checks and other relevant resources for Level 3 Access to HE learners in the following subject areas.

  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Sports
  • Criminology

Writing must cover either a specific Learning Outcome or provide an overview of the unit. This will be clearly outlined for each piece of work.

For a full list of the specific units please click here.

Minimum experience and skill required: 

  • Ideal you should have taught on the Access to HE programme or a Level 3 before. 
  • With qualifications at degree level in the subject area, and relevant teaching experience at Level 3.

This is a remote and flexible working opportunity and so is ideal for candidates who are actively seeking employment, as well as those who are currently in a part-time or full-time post elsewhere.

You must be available to work between now and March 2019 as the Open Awards team will offer specific pieces of work throughout this time period. The team will work collaboratively with you and so you can expect to be full supported, given a detailed brief, templates and examples of work required.

For more information please speak with Julie Goodwin, Project Manager, on 07904 654 066 or email