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OLASS Registering and Awarding

Please note: this is for the attention of Open Awards Offender Learning centres only.


This online learning package demonstrates how Open Awards OLASS providers Register and Awards learners using the Open Awards portal.

No booking is required. This can be accessed at any time by clicking here

OLASS Registering & Awarding Learners -  Content Overview

Section ONE: Information to Gather Before accessing the portal

  • Mandatory Information ( including Unique Learner Numbers)
  • Optional Information

Section TWO:

  • Completing your Learner Registration Form - Recommendation of Award of Credit (LRF- RAC)
  • Understanding Completion Codes
  • Uploading your LRF- RAC to the Open Awards Portal
  • How to Review your information
  • Troubleshooting Information

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact the team on 0151 494 2072.

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