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Why is Your Feedback Important To Us?

To complete our annual customer service survey, please click here.

“Your custom is important to us”

We hear these words all the time – when we’re on hold, when something has gone wrong, when we’re being sold to.

But at Open Awards, this attitude is embedded in everything we do. Your feedback really is important to us; if you’re happy, we’re happy.

Below are just 4 of the key reasons why your feedback is important to us.

  1. Your feedback improves our service

You use our tools, resources and systems on a daily basis. Your feedback helps us fulfil our commitment to continuous improvement. All feedback is reviewed and actioned to help us improve our service going forward.

  1. Your feedback improves our products

In developing our qualifications and products, listening to you and what you and your learners need is the only way we can guarantee that we develop a product that you actually want to use. Your feedback is used throughout our product development process to ensure that the end product fulfils your needs and provides meaningful opportunities for our collective learners.

  1. Your feedback helps us to help you

Our team has extensive experience in the education sector and know how important it is to remove as much of the administrative burden as possible. If we know what is working , we can keep doing it; if we know what is not working, we can change it.

  1. Your feedback supports our strategic and operational planning

As a charity, we are committed to investment in improvements and developments. Your feedback feeds into our annual business planning  to help us identify what we do well, what we can do better and how we can continue to work closely with you to change lives through learning.

To see how we have built your feedback into our Strategic plan, click here.

To complete our annual customer service survey, please click here.

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