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What's Work Experience Like at Open Awards?

It's always nice to meet young people who are interested in knowing more about how organisations such as Open Awards works and what drives us to achieve of mission of Changing Lives Through Learning.


Last week, the Open Awards team were joined by Benny, a year 10 student from North Liverpool Academy, who spent a week working across the organisation a better understanding of the world of work

Here is Benny's own account of his week with the Open Awards Team:


Seasoned Experiencer: Benny Copeland

'During my interim visit to Open Awards purely out of work experience purpose and knowledgeable understanding of the business word, I have learned a lot through observatory of employees conversing with customers and employee workers working together to create a cohesive networking in the non-profitable business. In the duration of this week I have worked with the marketing development team in the organisation. Firstly, on Monday I worked with Nina Hinton and she gave me tasks in which I modified reference unit codes using my Ofqual portal account for each unit across different sectors in which I did for the duration of 3 hours and fully understood the job.

I was also shown the distribution of responsibilities and jobs through the organisation by a hierarchical table diagram. And I had the opportunity to meet the chief executive officer in the head office of Open Awards.

In the midst of this is on another day of the week, I sat with my temporal instructor for the day Julie Goodwin and we discussed the ins and outs of who Open Awards are and how they change lives we also spoke of the depreciation and proliferation of business profits per annum where they work with different companies and charities and we also discussed of moral factors that are taken into consideration for Open Awards in order for Open Awards to retain this ideology of equilibrium balance between moral understanding and lucrative opportunities with customers to keep the company in good name whereas most other companies are more of opportunists and don’t keep the company in a good name or to keep customers happy. Later that day I had the humble privilege to attend a meeting with Julie and a first-hand visual insight of what a raw business meeting looks like.

Meanwhile Wednesday I worked with optimistic apprentice Hannah to rearrange the certificated of learners and systematically out them in order and pre to dispatch via post. I fully understand who Open Awards are and how they Change Lives Through Learning and through helping different people achieve the goals they acquire in education.

On the same day I also worked with Becky and she helped re-invigorate my interested in working in open awards whilst I was here by giving me a range of tasks to implement through the course of the day such as stamping and certifying letter pre-dispatching and providing more units for me to re-organise.

Anne Marie took the initiative in her fre time to run through health and safety precautions such as what to do in a scenario of an explicit fire in operation in the building/ She also notified me of the equipment that the organisation have in the episode of a health threatening scenario such as (first aid kit) with an individual in the premises and she briefed me on how exorbitantly experience the first aiders are in the premises.

Overall I can feasibly deduce that I have enjoyed my time at Open Awards and I recognise that all the staff are friendly and warm and welcoming especially Paula who made me feel welcomes and helped to engage me to my assignment. All the employees strive to achieve the vision of the company all working fervently and diligently hard, I finally appreciate the overarching vision of the company which is to Change Lives Through Learning.'


If you would like more information about work experience placements or would like to know more about what Open Awards do, email or call the team directly on 0151 494 2072.


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