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What Do you Really Need to Know to Work in Marketing?

Gone are the days when marketing would consist solely of making attractive posters and catchy advertisements.

Although creativity is certainly part of any marketing role, if you ask any marketer today they will tell you that Marketing has become much more strategic.

If you are looking to work in a marketing job, knowing basic strategic marketing theory including things such as the Ansoff Matrix, the Marketing Mix and Porters 5 Forces, will enable you have a more comprehensive understanding of your marketing role.

What’s more, for many marketing jobs employers will require an understanding of how it fits into other business function – such as sales and finance.

If you want to find more about Marketing, as well as how it is integrated into other business functions, the Level 2 Skills of Business (RQF) qualification might just be what you need.

This Ofqual regulated qualification has over 20 different marketing-focused units you can choose from and 4 different pathways including Marketing and Sales, Finance, Leadership and Management and Business and Enterprise.

From the Sales and Marketing pathway alone, examples of units include:

  • Sales Targets
  • Identify and Understand a Client’s Brand Strategy
  • Understanding Laws and Ethics of Selling
  • Using Digital and Social Media in Marketing Campaigns
  • Generating and Qualifying Sales Leeds


You can view all the full qualification guide here or if you would like to talk to a member of the team call us on 0151 494 2072 or email

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