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South Devon College - Preparing Learners for Work Placements

South Devon College is an Ofsted Outstanding college and recognised by the Skills Funding Agency as one of the top Further Education and Tertiary Colleges in England as measured by learner success. They have recently fed back to us about how useful they have found our Level 1 Award in Employability and Entry 3 Award in Skills for Further Learning and Employment in preparing their learners for work placements. In this article Adrian Bevin, their Section Head Automotive & Noss Marine Academy, explains what they did and how it works.

“As part of our ongoing self-evaluation our department we need to give more structure to the way in which we prepared learners for work placements. We have a comprehensive tutorials offer that included employability skills. However, previously this element was not accredited, which made it difficult to standardise and evidence as part of the study programme.

In order to address this we introduced Open Awards qualifications to help provide a structured framework for skills acquisition. It is delivered in the first part of the academic year in the run up to the learners two week work placement. Those undertaking their main programme at Level 1 take the Entry 3 Award in Skills for Further Learning and Employment , while those at Level 2 use the Level 1 Award in Employability.

Tutors and learners really like the way the qualifications drill down into the specific skills that are required. Since implementing the provision we have received lots of positive feedback from learners and employers about the delivery of the work placement element of the course, which in turn has had a positive impact on the outcomes in the main learning element of the programme of study. We have also achieved a greater standardisation of the learner experience across the department.”

If you would like to know more about how you can use Open Awards qualifications to develop employability skills with your learners then contact a member of our Business team. or 0151 494 2072.

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