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First SEN Networking Event a Great Success!

Changing Lives Through Learning isn’t just our vision – it’s at the heart of everything we do. We love bringing people together to hear about their success stories, provide mutual support and encourage collaborative working. This is exactly why the SEN Networking event was developed.

On Wednesday 27th June, over thirty people with experience of working within SEND came together at Abbot’s Lea School in Liverpool.

Business Development Consultant Julie Goodwin opened the event before Rachel Jones from the British Association for Supported Employment (BASE) spoke about how her organisation represents members from public, voluntary and commercial sectors.  Rachel presented an overview of how supported employment works, shared statistics on rates of employment for those with learning and mental health disabilities, before highlighting current issues.

The session moved forward with an activity to set the terms of future meetings, before Steve Mills from Imagine Independence took the floor, speaking enthusiastically about supported internships and his experiences being a job coach. He explained how solid partnerships between employers, learning provider staff, job coaches, interns and their families contributed to successful supported internships.

The meeting concluded with a video clip produced by Liverpool City Council’s Supported Internship Scheme which followed learners from Bank View High School on placement at Hilton Hotel Liverpool.

It was great to be at such a busy and vibrant event – we are already looking forward to the next one!

Many thanks to Ant McVerry and Abbot’s Lea school for hosting the event.

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