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“Outstanding” Standardisation and Self-Assessment for Access to HE

Open Awards would like to thank its Access to HE Diploma providers and stakeholders for supporting us to be commended as outstanding for our work in standardisation and self-assessment following a regulatory monitoring review by our regulator for this qualification, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). This reflects all the hard work of our Access to HE providers who have worked tirelessly with us on standards and supplied us with masses of information to support our regulatory work. We received feedback on two monitoring activities and this is an overview of how we did for both.

The first review required us to carry out self-evaluation with our providers on our grade profile. QAA said this report ‘…was outstanding, with no weaknesses, many strengths and numerous examples of good practice.’ These strengths and examples of good practice included:

  • The range of data considered, which included consideration of AVA processes and demographics, and excellent level of analysis.
  • The report was concise and lucid, with a good use of tables and charts to illustrate the analysis.
  • The report covered all aspects of the Analytical Framework and demonstrated integrity.
  • The inclusion within the report of analysis of the performance on specific units

The second review focused on our practices around standardisation. Again feedback was extremely positive, with QAA noting that the report ‘…was well written, supported by good evidence and made good use of the analytical framework.’ Strengths and examples of good practice identified included:

  • business planning service supported by labour market intelligence
  • three year quality review cycle
  • dissemination of good practice between providers

Heather Akehurst, Open Awards’ Chief Executive, says, “I am delighted for both our Access to HE centres and staff that their hard work and commitment to standards has been recognised by QAA. We look forward to continuing this over the months and years to come.”

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