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Open Awards Virtual Access to HE Learners Advice Fair

Every year we hold an Access to HE Learner Advice Fair. The event allows learners to meet, listen and talk with universities regarding their university decisions.

This year we will be holding the event entirely online. The event will take place across the week commencing 19th to 23rd October.

We have decided to spice it up a little by splitting the week up to give different learners at different levels the opportunity to find out more about their future options.


Monday - Wednesday:

We have tailored the proceedings for current Access to HE learners providing them with webinars on vital information needed for those going into higher education. The subjects will range from finance, preparation for university and more. There will also be live Q&A sessions with specific universities for learners to attend.

Thursday – Friday:

The end of the week will be for Level 2 learners who are looking to apply for an Access to HE course. They will be given the chance to hear from centres who run Open Awards Access to HE Diplomas. Both presentations and Q&A sessions will be available.


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