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Open Award's Trading Name Becomes Official


Last month Open Awards officially changed the company name from Open College Network North West Region (OCNNWR) to Open Awards.  There are no other changes we have simply changed the legal name of our company to our trading name of Open Awards.


What's the History of Open Award's Legal and Trading Name?

Open College Network began in 1976 to provide a means to widening access to learning and to recognise learners achievements.

In 1986 all OCNs came together to form the National Open College Network (NOCN) to develop nationally recognised qualifications.

In 2005 two networks - the Greater Manchester Open College Network, created in 1981, and the Merseyside Open College Network, created in 1985 - came together to become a regional Open College Network for the North West Region (OCNNWR) and collectively delivered NOCN qualifications.

In September 2010 Open College Network North West Region (OCNNWR) received OfQual recognition as an Awarding Organisation.


When Did This Change?

In May 2011 Open Awards was launched as an independent Awarding Organisation, which allowed more flexibility to develop new and innovative qualifications.

From 2011 until this year, we retained our company name of Open College Network North West Region (OCNNWR) but continued to trade under the name of Open Awards.

However, as of August 2017, we have now officially changed the company's legal name from Open College Network North West Region (OWNNWR) to Open Awards. 

Our vision of ‘Changing Lives Through Learning’ remains at the core of our business as we continue to respond to he economic changes and develop valued qualifications for all our learners.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact the team on 0151 494 2072 or email

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