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New Sociology Textbook Designed for Access Students

John T Pullinger, an Access lecturer based at Canterbury College, has recently written a sociology textbook designed to meet the specific needs of Access to HE students. This textbook is available on Amazon here.

Mr Pullinger has over twenty years of experience working with Access Students and developing courses for validation in the social sciences (sociology, social policy and politics) and Pre-Access. His expertise is Sociology, in which he holds a BA Honours Degree and an MPhil.

The new text, Sociological Thinking, a New Introduction (2014), is published by Cambridge Academic. This text has been particularly developed to cater for the needs of Access Sociology students. Mr Pullinger said:
"Standard A level texts are essentially written to cater for youngsters who are continuing their education. I have not found these resources entirely satisfactory for the needs of Access students. As mature students, Access students need to be eased back into their academic studies and sometimes hold strong preconceptions on the topics tackled in sociology. My text is designed to guide students to question their own preconceptions before gently easing them into sociological ways of thinking, but also providing a challenging learning curve."

Access lecturers and students can find out more about the text by clicking here or by visiting Amazon here


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