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New Qualifications Approved and Available for Delivery

We are delighted to announce that we have launched two new qualifications in January which are now available for delivery.

Level 3 Certificate in Information, Advice and Guidance

This qualification has been developed in response to demand from our centre. With effective and meaningful careers guidance a priority across the education and employment related services sector, it is important that people are trained appropriate.

Recent EMSI data is showing an expected 3.8% increase in careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists required over the next 5 years, suggesting that now is a good time for us to be thinking about how we are going to meet this growing demand.

 EMSI Data - 3.8% increase in Careers Advisers

Open Awards already offer Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications in Information, Advice and Guidance, both of which aim to provide a clear route into this occupational area. The Level 3 Certificate will allow people who are already working in this sector to work towards a qualification as part of their continued professional development, supporting improved knowledge and skills. It will also support people who are delivering IAG as part of a wider role who want to ensure they are delivering this part of their role effectively.

The Level 3 Certificate includes 2 mandatory units: ‘Information, Advice and Guidance Principles and Practice’ and ‘Interaction Skills for Information, Advice or Guidance’. The remaining 15 required credits can be chosen from a range of optional units that cover key areas of IAG: benefits; housing; employment; education; and asylum seekers.

Full qualification information can be found here.

Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

Again, we have developed this qualification in response to demand from our centres. Although education is an ever-changing landscape, there continues to be a clear demand for teachers and trainers. This new qualification will compliment our existing Level 3 Award in Education and Training, providing a clear route of progerssion for learnes.

 Again, EMSI data shows a demand for skills applicants within the education industries, with a 4.2% increase in available jobs expected vocational and industrial trainers and instructors.

EMSI Data - 4.2% increase in Vocational Trainers

The Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training is designed for individuals who is currently teaching and training or an individual who is working as an assessor who wants to achieve a  teaching qualification to support their professional development. It can also be utilised by individuals who are not currently teaching or training but who aspire to work in the profession and can meet the practice requirements of the qualification.

The qualification is made up of a total of 36 credits, including 21 mandatory credits covering:

  • Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training
  • Delivering Education and Training
  • Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners in Education and Training
  • Assessing Learners in Education and Traiing
  • Using Resources for Education and Training

Full qualification information can be found here.

Next Steps

To deliver either of these qualifications, you must be an Open Awards Centre. If you are not already a centre and would like to explore becoming one, please contact the team on 0151 494 2072 or or visit our ‘Becoming an Open Awards Centre’ page to find out more.

If you are already an Open Awards Centre, please complete a new qualification notification form via the secure portal to apply to deliver these qualifications. A member of the team will be in touch to discuss your application.

Coming Soon

Level 1 Award and Certificate in Science

Entry Level 3 Award and Certificate in Safer Custody (Title to be confirmed)
Level 1 Award and Certificate in Safer Custody (Title to be confirmed)

If you would like to be involved in the development of these new qualificiations or have any ideas for future qualification developments, please contact the Development and Marketing Team on 0151 494 2072 or


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