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Learner Profile - Shauna's story

When Shauna was just 9 years old, her mum passed away. The grief put a huge strain on the family, and her relationships with her dad and brother began to suffer. A few years later, when Shauna was 12, her Nan passed away which meant the already strained relationships began to get worse. As Shauna grew further apart from her dad, she began to stay at her Aunt’s house to escape the tension in the household.

When Shauna was 16, she finished school and started studying hairdressing at college. Over the following few months, Shauna’s relationship with her dad began to improve. Things got easier at home – she concentrated on her college work and successfully completed her hairdressing course.

Shauna returned to college to study childcare. However, her relationship with her dad became frayed again. The situation worsened, leading to Shauna leaving the family home. With nowhere else to go, she was referred to Roundabout and moved into their hostel.

Once in the hostel, Shauna was able to get the support she needed to feel more independent and  ready to have a place of her own.

After a few months, Shauna gained more confidence and with support from her key worker, applied for her own flat.

Knowing that this was a big step, Roundabout continued to offer Shauna support once she’d left the hostel and moved into her own tenancy. She was assigned a support worker from Roundabout’s Supporting Tenants team, who help young people in their own properties to maintain the tenancy and cope with independent living.

Shauna has also been volunteering at Roundabout by attending events, aiming to promote the mediation work offered by Roundabout.

In addition, Shauna is part of the Peer Education Team at Roundabout. She has been trained to go into schools and deliver lessons, aiming to break down the stereotypes around homelessness and raise awareness amongst young people of what to do if they have to leave home, and how to access support.

Now living independently, Shauna is studying to be a youth worker.

“Without Roundabout, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” explains Shauna.

“Their help has meant that I’m now able to live independently and have the confidence to do other things.

“I’m really enjoying studying to be a youth worker so I can use my experiences to help other young people who need support.”

Open Awards are working with Roundabout, to provide skills development through their Peer Education programme. Roundabout will be utilising the Open Awards Skills for Further Learning and Employment, Employability and Professional Development qualifications to help prepare learners for their next steps, in addition to developing competencies that will help them progress into further study and / or employment.

Peter Steel, Business Development Consultant said

“Roundabout is a wonderful operation that provides first class support and guidance to the homeless or those most at risk of homelessness. The benefit to the people that they support is evident through Shauna’s story and Open Awards are delighted to be part of that process. The planning that Roundabout has in place will serve to enhance their programme by providing nationally recognised qualifications that build confidence and lives".

For more details on Open Awards or any of our qualifications, please call (0151) 494 2072, visit our website or contact your Business Development Consultant 


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