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How to meet a London-based tender opportunity with Open Awards

A great business prospect has arisen in the Southeast, here are some details and some suggestions on how you could use Open Awards products to meet the brief.

“The London Enterprise Panel (LEP) has designed a comprehensive package of ESF provision for young people, working closely the Young People's Education and Skills (YPES) Board. The London ESF Youth Programme for 2014-20 reflects the ESIF Strategy's themes of freedoms, flexibilities and funding incentives; and responds to the objective of supporting interventions to move young people NEET aged 15-24 or at risk of NEET into sustainable employment, education or training (EET)”.

The Open Awards Skills for Further Learning and Employment suite of qualifications at Entry 1 to Level 2 are able to generate the ideal programmes of study that re-engage, support, stimulate, develop, enhance and prepare individuals for independent living, the world of work and / or further study – enabling them to achieve their full potential.

This ESF 2014-20 tendering round (through the SFA) in London covering a number of strands under the ESF Youth Programme and overs a perfect platform for maximizing the flexibility of these qualifications for diverse groups of learners.

The focus of this tender process is linked to the following groups of potential learners:

  •  Young BAME
  • 16-18 Targeted NEET
  • 16-24 Targeted NEET LDD
  • 18-24 Targeted NEET Mental health
  • 18-24 Targeted NEET Migrant Groups and Others
  • 15-18 Preventative NEET
  • 16-24 NEET Outreach 
  • Careers Guidance

“Evidence suggests that broader programmes do not always provide the tailored support that particular customer groups need. Providing smaller, targeted programmes will ensure room for specialist providers to deliver services and encourage delivery models which are tailored to the needs to individuals”.

In this instance, the wide variety of units contained within the Skills for Further Learning and Employment qualifications, provide the opportunity to deliver bespoke, individualised and differentiated programmes that effectively respond to the requirements of the tender application.   

If you are in a position or intend to submit a tender application for this project or have similar client groups that would benefit from high quality, nationally recognised qualifications, please contact our Head Office or your Business Relationship Manager for more information on 0151 494 2072.

Peter Steel - Business Relationship Manager

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