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Have you considered a Blended Learning model?

At Open Awards we are always seeking new ways to support our learners and customers.

Recently we have gained funding through the Department for Education’s Flexible Learning Fund to bring Blended Learning materials to Access to Higher Education Health-Related Diplomas. 

Learners on our Access to HE Diplomas tend to be adults who are returning to education with the long-term goal of studying for a degree. Returning to education can be an exciting and challenging experience. One of these challenges has been highlighted as the inability to spend time in a classroom environment away from life’s commitments.

Many of our customers have been engaging in blended learning options for learners. Blending learning is when a variety of learning options are available for learners, for example where part of the course is delivered online and the remaining in the classroom environment. Our new project is able to support this process further by providing:

  • An Instructional Designer– to help further develop online resources, which are fully portable to a variety of learning management systems.
  • A Project Manager – to help support your blended learning model and provide training and support for our online content.

We cannot do this alone and need to work collaboratively with our customers, and here are some of the ways to be involved

  • Content – we are looking to develop content for 50 access units across 8 of our modules in the Health pathway. We have identified these units according to their popularity and specific learning outcomes that would lend themselves to online development. If you would like to contribute content, we would like to hear from you.

A comprehensive list of the units available and a free unit on Referencing and Plagiarism can be found on our Blended Learning page here

  • Learners – we are looking for learners to engage with this online content during the coming academic year. If you would like to access this provision, we would love to hear from you too.
  • Collaboration – we would love to hear from you if you have adopted blended learning, and how your learners have benefited from this.


For more information click here, or speak with Julie Goodwin our Project Manager on 07904 654 066 or

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