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Glossop ACE taking the childcare stress out of HE learning


Proudly offering Access to HE Diploma in Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Glossop ACE also provides the perfect way to take the childcare stress out of higher education by offering their learners a free, yes a free, crèche!

The Open Awards Level 3 Access to HE (Higher Education) Diploma is a life changing qualification specifically designed for adult learners. Therefore many of the learners have children and the centre offers a fantastic childcare solution and benefits to provide support to parents studying for the diploma by providing a free crèche to all learners.

One adult learner said of the offer;

“Its just fantastic. There is no way I would’ve been able to study here without the availability of free childcare.”

If you are a parent, and wanting to unleash your potential with an Access to HE Diploma in Nursing and Allied Health Professions at Glossop ACE then relax in the knowledge that all of your childcare concerns you may have while you are learning are taken care of.

The nursery facilities are second-to-none and on par with any day nursery that would cost the parent learner large sums of money for their child to attend. This is among the centres’ many other great facilities and excellent courses, training and masterclasses they hold on a daily basis.

The centre is also going through a multi-million pound renovation project that will see the centre gain a state-of-the-art library, thus creating an even better and rewarding learner experience.


Glossop ACE are currently accepting learner for September 2018 in Access to HE Diploma in Nursing and Allied Professions.

Why not book on an information sessions with one of our Programme Managers? Our next information days are 9th and 30th May 2018. Contact the centre on 01629 535895 or email us at





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