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Advanced Learning Loan Guidance Clarified in Relation to Offenders

On Friday 1st July the SFA published updated Advance Learning Loan Guidance for providers. Amongst a number of minor clarifications and amendments to the document it now also includes clear information on the rules associated with offender learners accessing the loan. We have pulled out the key information relating to this which will be of particular interest to our offender learning providers. We have included the information along with a paragraph and page reference.

Eligibility for taking out an advanced learner loan (F15, p4)

As well meeting the general eligibility criteria offender learners must meet the following conditions to take out a loan:

  • have the right to stay in the UK after completing their sentence
  • not be subject to a deportation order
  • have been sentenced and not be on remand
  • have their prison governor’s approval to study the learning aim the loan will fund
  • be studying their learning aim with a provider in England who has a loans facility from us and be within six years of their release date
  • Separate requirements for the loan information letter for offender learners (F50-F51, p12)
  • Requirements to keep the Student Loan Company updated if the offender learners circumstances change (F66, F68-F69, pp14-15)
  • Provision for a learner who is sent to prison to continue with their loan related study (F67, p14)
  • Arrangements for loans when offenders are transferred between prisons (F70-F79, pp15-16)
  • Dealing with the release of a prisoner undertaking learning associated with an Advanced Learning Loan (F80-F83, pp16-17)

The Advance Learning Loan can be used to fund the Open Awards Access to HE Diploma in a wide range of subjects, as well as other qualifications. For further information please contact Ben Rockliffe on 0151 494 4365 or

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