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Access to Higher Education for those with a Service Background

On Thursday 26th January, Dr Mel Macer, Research Fellow  at The Institute of Education, Bath Spa University, joined delegates at the Open Awards Access to Higher Education Forum, to present information on her research paper ‘Understanding the journey to and through Access to Higher Education Diplomas for adults with a Service background’

The two year research programme looked at resettlement, job and retraining opportunities available to Service personnel from all three Services and how individuals are supported, depending upon their length of service, to reintegrate into commercial employment and / or education.

The research aimed to provide a better level of understanding of the issues those adults with a Service background can face on their journey to and through an Access to Higher Education Diploma.

The report is divided into three key sections:

  1. The profile of Access to Higher Education students with a Service background.
  2. Factors impacting on knowledge of the Access to Higher Education Diploma
  3. Factors impacting on engagement with the Access to Higher Education Diploma

The impact of a Service career also has an impact upon family members when postings can be frequent, affecting the ability and stability to secure consistent employment and / or education.

Dr Macer was able to illustrate through stakeholder feedback, the levels of information and guidance available through the resettlement processes, of the opportunities to and impact of, completing an Access to Higher Education Diploma.

The report concluded with a Summary of Recommendations for a wide range of associated organisations, including, but not limited to: all Civilian – facing and Military –facing Career IAG providers, The Access to Higher Education sector, QAA , AVAs, FE Institutions, LEPs, The MOD and Service Units / Education Centres.

These recommendations are extensive, but include and not limited to:

  • Raising Awareness of Advanced Learner Loans to cover course fees
  • The production and promotion of bespoke materials to promote Access to Higher Education Diplomas tailored to those with a Service background
  • Increasing provision of more flexible Access to Higher Education Diploma delivery formats – to include Distance and Blended Learning. Through discussion, this also included the opportunity to prepare potential Access to Higher Education learners with preparatory programmes that support progression into Level 3 programmes such as Pre-Access qualifications.
  • Increasing the completion of GCSEs in Maths and English to support University entry
  • Mapping Military qualifications to the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF)

You can download a full copy of Dr Macer’s report here.

If you would like any further information on the Open Awards Access to Higher Education pathways, Pre-Access qualifications or developing flexible delivery options to maximise engagement and resources, please contact or 0151 494 2072.

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