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A Year in Numbers

Last week Ofqual published its Annual Qualifications Market report for 2013/14. For those interested in the education it makes interesting reading as it details number and types of regulated qualifications available for study over the academic year 2013/14, and these figures tell the story of the impact of policy changes the sector has been experiencing. We have put together some of the key headlines that Open Awards customers may be interested in, and how these changes have been reflected on us as an organisation.


  • 10% fewer qualifications were awarded in 2013/14 than in 2012/13 as a consequence of the governments funding and accountability measure reforms but, at Open Awards, we saw growth of 3.9% - bucking the national trend.

  • 20 awarding organisations accounted for more than 90% of qualifications awarded, but there has been a 6% swing toward other awarding organisations. This is something we have been very aware of as we have been approached by large numbers of centres looking to work with smaller awarding organisations that have a more personal touch.

  • While the number of qualifications available nationally increased by 6%, we at Open Awards took the decision to reduce the size of our portfolio to focus in on the sectors we know best and that our centres want. We also removed any qualifications which no longer met the national agenda.

  • The number of regulated awarding organisations is reducing due to the challenging nature of the market. At Open Awards we are aware that, in a shrinking market, we need to continue to invest in our systems and service, to retain and grow our customer base. For these reasons we have invested in key areas such as staffing, our new website and importantly simplifying our paperwork and processes.


The full Ofqual report is shown here and we would be happy to discuss your views and qualification requirements. Please contact a member of our Business Team to arrange for a conversation on 0151 4942072.

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