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Supported Internships

What makes a Supported Internship different to other employability programmes is that it is based primarily at an employer. Internships typically last for 1 year, with a minimum of 6 months unpaid work placement. Coupled with the placement is a personalised study programme, including maths and English. Open Awards’ qualifications that could be delivered as part of a supported internship study programme include Level 1 Award in Getting on at Work and Entry Level 3/Level 1 Skills for Further Learning and Employment. Open Awards’ Functional Skills Maths and English could also be delivered as part of an internship.  

Internships have been designed to have similar objectives to traineeships and apprenticeships but recognise that some young people require additional support to achieve their employment goals. One difference is the length of programme; 12 months rather than the 6 months of a traineeship. Another difference is the focus on partnership work. The partnership is made up of the employer(s), the learning provider and job coaches (whether employed by the learning provided or contracted through a supported employment provider). The role of the job coach is key as it provides specialist, tailored support to the young person to maximise their opportunity of gaining paid and sustainable employment and it also provides the support required by employers to enable them to offer the opportunities.

For more information on Supported Internships, read the Department for Education advice here