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Standardisation (RQF Qualifications)

Interactive, online professional development opportunity for centre staff with assessment and internal quality assurance responsibilities. Participants will be expected to remotely review samples in advance of the session to share judgements of assessment decisions and IQA judgements. Participants do not need to have delivered the units being standardised in order to participate, but should have some understanding of the unit content. This session is subject to providers making samples available to standardise.

All standardisation activities for 2021/2022 will take place online via Zoom. 

Subject Area Content Date and Time Booking

Following Instructions (Entry 1)
Knowing Your Local Area (Entry 1 to Entry 3)
Personal Action Planning (Entry 1 to Entry 3)

1st February 2022


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Customer Service (Entry 3 to Level 2)
Developing Health and Safety Skills for Work (Entry 3)
Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment (Level 1)

22nd March 2022


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Money (Entry 1 to Entry 3)
Looking After Yourself and Your Home (Entry 1 to Entry 3)
Make a Meal (Entry 1 to Entry 3)

5th April 2022


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Preparation for Work

Curriculum Vitae Writing (Entry 3 and Level 1)
Preparation for Work (Entry 2 and Entry 3)
Interview Skills (Level 1 and Level 2)

26th April 2022


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Event Ended This event has now finished.