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Quality Assurance

Date  Time Booking
  9:30-12:30 Book Here
Wednesday 4th March 2020
Thursday 7th May 2020

What is this? This training is designed for those assessors/tutors who wish to understand the principles and practice of Open Awards internal verification.

How long is this for? This is a half day event.

This training is also available online

What we will cover in this training:

Course Content

Training Aims & Objectives

– background of Open Awards

Identify the Quality Assurance process stages:

- Centre recognition

- Assessment process

- Verification and Standardisation

 - Course review and evaluation through inspection

What is Internal Verification?

- Investigate the role of the Internal Verifier (IV)

- Highlight the stages of Internal Verification

- What is Pre-Course verification?

- Importance of on-course and end of course verification

How to plan sampling

- What are sampling plans

- Understand strategies for sampling

Identify what is meant as verification of achievement including

- Verification Action Plans

- Equality and Diversity in verification

 - Understand the difference between Standardisation and Verification

What are the different models of Verification

- Single

- Designated assessors

- Round Robin

What Internal Verification is required for the Quality Reviewer (QR)?


– The key features of Internal Verification

Next stage

- What is Approved Internal Verifier Status (AIVS)?


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