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Getting Focused and Understanding your Ideal Learner Journey

We welcome you to a 45 minutes session hosted by Your Guardian focusing on two key areas of thinking…

1. Bringing the business into Focus

2. Ideal Student Journey

About this event

When you work so closely to our own business it is easy to get distracted or lose focus on business direction and critical areas of thinking to drive success. We will talk through our marketing focus model to shine a light on your business approach to make sure you are working efficiently and specifically as possible.

With a clearer understanding of the vital pillars of the business, we can then dive into the detail of the Ideal Client Journey to ensure you understand the areas of risk, the flow of data, the lines of communication and who the stakeholder is of each part of that journey.

This session will give you at least 1 light bulb moment of how you could improve your training business offering and drive you to a greater success.

About Your Guardian

Supporting Education Providers to Become Exceptional.

Specialists in working with Training and Education Providers to Sell More Courses, Create More Profit, Raise Educational Standards and Become More Successful.

Championing Vocational Education and Celebrating the Diversity of Students, Learning Pathways and Graduate Destinations. Your Guardian works with vocational and alternative education providers using online resources, structured education programmes and ongoing support packages to aid providers at every stage of business to be more successful.

Collectively, we have worked within the education sector for over 40 years. In that time, we have worked with market leading companies both in the UK and internationally. Regardless of the subject matter of your training courses the challenges you will be facing are universal. We are well placed to help you navigate this exciting and busy marketplace.

Event Ended This event has now finished.