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Employers Information

Employing and retaining skills are vital for your businesses’ success. If you are looking to recruit, or grow specific skills for your business, then a partnership with Open Awards could really support you.

What can we offer?

  • Apprenticeship Trailblazers – we will work with you to navigate the process of setting up or contributing to a trailblazer group and support with designing and accrediting your apprenticeship programmes
  • Industry-led Qualifications – we will work with you to design tailor-made qualifications to support the training and development of your workforce within your specific industry or organisation
  • Open Awards’ Badge of Excellence – can be used to support and recognise excellent in-house training and development programmes
  • E-Learning – we will work with you to design tailor-made e-learning packages to help make in-house training and development more accessible and cost/time-efficient
  • Business Planning – we will work you to provide consultation and business planning support for your organisation. This can include training needs analyses; training and development strategies; and training content and resources.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Design – we are always looking for employers who want to get involved with our qualification development and to help shape the structure and content of industry and/or employer specific qualifications
  • Innovate – identification of opportunities with our portfolio of education providers to work in partnership on innovative education programmes such as supported internships, traineeships and mentoring schemes.

Advice and Guidance

Our expert team have experience and knowledge across a wide range of industries and sectors, as well as being able to provide advice and guidance on accreditation and qualifications. If you would like to find out more about Open Awards or to explore how we can work together, please contact the team on 0151 494 2072 or email