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Centres are required to carry out regular, appropriate internal standardisation activities and to contribute to national standardisation, as requested by Open Awards.


Centre Standardisation Form

Internal standardisation involves ensuring that, where there is more than one tutor/assessor delivering Open Awards provision and/or where provision is delivered at more than one site, the outcomes of internal assessment are consistent across the range of courses with assessors assessing to a consistent standard. It is recommended that internal standardisation meetings include all tutors and internal verifiers concerned and that action plans are produced and followed up. Open Awards Lead Quality Reviewers will ask to see evidence of internal standardisation activities and of how the centre identifies and disseminates recognised good practice.

Internal Standardisation provides:

  • Support of consistency and a common understanding of credit value and level and the evidence requirements
  • Opportunities for staff to share good practice in assessment, including writing assignment briefs, establishing benchmarks, evidencing, providing feedback to learners and recording assessment and internal verification decisions.
  • Opportunities for self-assessment and action planning towards ongoing quality improvement

National Standardisation

Open Awards will hold standardisation events by level on a rolling basis. Lead Quality Reviewers will identify samples of learners’ work that they wish to retain for standardisation purposes during visits. Centres will need to retain records of the assessment and internal verification processes. Centres will be required to contribute to and attend standardisation events, and in centres where AIVs are in place they will be expected to attend meetings to retain their status. 

Open Awards supports working with other awarding organisations to raise quality standards and assure that specified levels of attainment for a qualification are consistent and reliable.