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Internal Quality Assurance

An effective internal verification system ensures assessment practices and decisions are regularly reviewed and evaluated to ensure the validity of the award of credit.  Any centre delivering Open Awards provision must have quality systems in place to underpin that delivery.  System will vary between centres according to what is appropriate for their particular situation.  Whatever the situation there are two key points – there must be an appropriate system in place, and there must be evidence that it is implemented effectively.

Internal verification is a process by which the centre regularly samples and evaluates consistency and fairness.  It involves two key processes – verification and standardisation and is carried out by one or more internal verifiers.  To maintain the integrity of the assessment process, internal verifiers must scrutinise the assessment practices and assessment decisions of tutors/assessors.

There are a number of models of internal verification that a centre can operate, depending on their particular situation.  A plan of proposed internal verification activity must be developed before the cycle begins.  This must indicate what will happen, when it will happen, who is to be involved and how it is to be recorded.

Documents Document Reference
Verification of Achievement Plan VAAP
Verification of Achievement Record VAR
Pre Course Verification PCV