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Assessing Learners

Open Awards qualifications have been designed around the principle that the learner will build evidence towards the achievement of the assessment criteria over a period of time.

For the majority of Open Awards qualifications, each learner is required to build a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that all the assessment criteria associated with each unit has been met. Portfolios will include a variety of evidence to suit the particular learners. Types of evidence that can be included are:

  •   Task Sheets
  •   Annotated photographs
  •   Practical demonstrations
  •   Reflection log/diary
  •   Notes from group discussions
  •   Witness statements
  •   Worksheets
  •   Professional discussion
  •   Record of questions and answers
  •   Record of Observation
  •   Peer reports
  •   Assignments

Assessors need to ensure that all evidence presented in a portfolio is:

Authentic: - it should clearly belong to the learner.

Valid: - it should clearly and fully demonstrate the knowledge or skills that are set out in the assessment criteria.  It should be clearly the work of the learner.

Reliable: - which means that it will in general, produce the same range of responses from learners, as long as they are used in similar circumstances and with similar groups of learners.

Inclusive: -  so that no individual learner is excluded from the opportunity to show their achievement because of their individual background or experience.

Assessors must be satisfied that learners have achieved all assessment criteria relating to the unit being assessed prior to deciding the learner has completed the unit.


Documents Document Reference
Assessment Definitions   
Assessment Observation Record Form AOR
Assessment Q&A Record Form  QAR
Assessment Mapping Sheet AMS
Assignment Briefing and Feedback Sheet ARF
Level Descriptors   
Learner Evidence Tracking Sheet ETS
Learner Evidence Authenticity Statement Form EAS
Learner Evidence Authenticity Statement [Easy Read]  
Individual Progress Record IPR
Witness Testimonial Form  WT
Group Progress Record GPR
Learner Feedback From [Easy Read]  

External Assessment

Where an Open Awards qualification has an external assessment method (e.g. externally set and marked online multiple choice assessment), centres must ensure that these assessments are carried out in controlled conditions to minimise the potential for plagiarism. In order to ensure these conditions are enforced external assessments must be delivered in accordance with the following guidance:

Assessment Venue Requirements
Invigilation Requirements
Unannounced Visits Guidance

Centres must ensure that there are no conflicts of interest between the invigilator and learners by checking in advance of the assessment (e.g. a relative of a learner or there is a personal interest in the outcome of the assessment).