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Internal Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is at the heart of Open Awards’ practices and we expect our centres to follow suitably rigorous processes to ensure that the integrity of our qualifications is maintained. All centres delivering Open Awards provision must operate rigorous internal quality assurance systems.

The following activities take place during the course of an internal verification cycle:


Internal quality assurance is the process of reviewing and evaluating assessment practices and decisions which ensures that:

  • An identified individual is responsible for coordinating internal quality assurance processes
  • There are clear and documented roles and responsibilities for all those involved
  • All learners are assessed accurately, fairly and consistently to the right standard
  • Internal quality assurance is structured and incorporates all of a centre’s Open Awards provision
  • Assessment tasks and learner work are sampled appropriately
  • Good practice is promoted through internal standardisation events and quality assurance meetings
  • Decisions are supported by full and clear records and action plans that are followed

Internal processes are transparent and regularly evaluated Depending on the size of the centre, and the volume of Open Awards provision being delivered, there may be more than one internal quality assurer in place.

Each individual undertaking this role must ensure that:

  • Assessment is appropriate, consistent, fair and transparent and does not unintentionally discriminate against any learner
  • Tutors/assessors receive ongoing advice and support, for example in designing assessment activities
  • Learners clearly understand assessment requirements and are given opportunities to achieve against the assessment criteria by completing appropriate assessment tasks
  • Learners’ work is presented in a manner that enables effective verification to take place
  • Learners’ assessed work is authentic
  • Evidence of learner achievement is clearly mapped to the assessment criteria
  • Recommendations for the award of credit are valid, reliable and consistent.

Our Quality Assurance Training is designed for those assessors/tutors who wish to understand the principles and practice of Open Awards internal verification.

For more information, please visit our Centre Handbook.