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Functional Skills FAQs

The first teaching for Reformed Functional Skills qualifications in Maths and English (Entry Level 1 - Level 2) is from 1st September 2019. 

The last date for registrations on the legacy functional skills qualifications in Maths and English (Entry Level 1- Level 2) is 31st August 2019. 

You can continue to teach these learners to prepare them for assessments. The last date for assessment on the legacy qualifications has been extended to 30th May2021. After this date, all learners will need to be registered on the reformed qualifications. Any learners starting their functional skills course after 1st September 2019 should be registered on the reformed qualifications and taught the new subject content. 

For Levels 1 and 2, Open Awards offer both online and paper-based assessments. Online assessments are available on-demand and must be scheduled through the XAMS platform 48 hours before the assessment is due to take place. Paper-based assessments are available on a set-day every 6 weeks and must be scheduled through the XAMS platform at least 15 working days before the assessment is due to take place. Paper-based assessments will be posted securely to your centre 2 days before the scheduled date. Please download Calendar here.

For Entry Level qualifications, assessments are available on-demand as paper-based assessments. Assessment must be scheduled on the XAMS platform at least 48 hours before the assessment is due to take place. You will then be able to download the assessment papers for your learners.

All paper-based assessments must be posted securely back to Open Awards Head Office. 

Learners are permitted to resit an external assessment where they are not successful. Resit charges will apply and be made upon the publication of results.

A learner can resit an assessment in the XAMS system after a period of two weeks from the time that a result is returned in the system.  Once the time has elapsed the resit can be scheduled in the system in the usual way. 

To achieve the qualification, learners must successfully pass all three assessment components:

  • One externally set and marked assessment in reading
  • One externally set and marked assessment in writing
  • One internally or externally set, and internally assessed assessment (comprising of two tasks) in speaking, listening and communicating (SLC)

You can download sample assessments form our website here

To achieve the qualification, learners must successfully pass an assessment set by Open Awards. This includes a calculator and non-calculator section. You can download sample assessments form our website here

Yes, the content has changed significantly from the legacy qualifications. Please view the individual qualification guides or the DfE Subject Content (English and Maths) to familiarise yourself with the updated content. Sample assessments have been provided to help you prepare your learners for the assessment of the new subject content. 

Yes all assessments at all subjects and levels must be taken under controlled assessment conditions. Further guidance can be found on our Portal.

Centres must ensure that there are no conflicts of interest between the invigilator and learners by checking in advance of the assessment. This invigilator(s) must not be the same Functional Skills tutor used for the delivery of the relevant Functional Skills course the learner, or group of learners, is undertaking the assessment for.

The following adaptations of externally-set assessment versions are permitted:

  • Adaptation to the context of a question or set of questions to meet their learners’ needs
  • Provision of physical objects during the assessment to meet their learners’ needs (e.g. money or shapes)
  • Translation of the assessment into Braille to meet their learners’ needs

No amendments to the knowledge, skills, understanding or level of demand are permitted. All adaptations need to be approved in advance by Open Awards Quality Assurance team. Further information is provided in Guidance for Adapting Functional Skills Assessments.

Following completion of the marking process, learners’ results will be available to the centre through XAMS. 

For Levels 1 and 2, results will be available within the following timescales:

  • Results for online assessments will be available within 16 working days from the date the assessment was taken
  • Results for paper-based assessments will be available within 27 working days  from the date the assessment was taken

The only exception to these timescales are when we publish a new assessment version. These results are subject to a series of standardisation and awarding activities and, as such, results will be released within 32 working days from the date of assessment. 

For Entry Level qualifications, approved centre markers mark the completed assessments. Results will be confirmed, following external verification, within 12 working days from the date marked scripts are returned to Open Awards. 



For online Levels 1 and 2 assessments, and for paper-based Entry Level assessments, learners can be scheduled in the XAMS system up to 48 hours before the set assessment date/time. Centres can choose their own date and time. 

Levels 1 and 2 paper-based assessments are available on a set day every 6 weeks. A calendar of available dates is published at the beginning of each academic year and will be made available on our website. Centres can schedule learners up to 15 working days before the set assessment date.

For Levels 1 and 2, paper-based assessments will be posted directly to your centre a maximum of 2 working days before the scheduled assessment. 

For Entry Level, assessments will be made available for your approved administrator to download directly from the XAMS system from 2 weeks before the scheduled assessment.

Question papers and any other confidential material, e.g. answer booklets, must be stored securely at the centre’s registered address in a safe or secure lockable cupboard with restricted access in a secure locked room. The contents of all materials must be treated as strictly confidential and should not be shared with anyone other than those taking or administering the assessment.

Once scheduled, centres cannot change the date or time of the assessment. If, for exceptional circumstances, changes are required then you must contact the team on 0151 494 2072 or to discuss before the date/time of the scheduled assessments.

No, learners will not be able use components (e.g. Reading, Writing or SLC) from the legacy qualifications towards the new qualifications. This is due to the amount of changes to the subject content for the reformed Functional Skills qualifications. 

Learners will be certificated for any components they have achieved, if they have not achieved the full qualifications by 30th June 2020. You will then need to register the learner on the reformed functional skills qualification for them to work towards the components. 

If you have any concerns about a particular learner, and whether they will be able to achieve the full qualification by the last date for assessment, please contact us on or 0151 494 2072 to speak to a member of the team. 


For the reformed (new) Functional Skills qualifications, a registration will last for 2 years. If your learner is unlikely to achieve the qualification within a 2 year period, please contact the team on or 0151 494 2072 to speak to a member of the team.

On the current Functional Skills qualifications, you can register learners up to the 31st August 2019, but the last date for assessment is 30th June 2020. If you have concerns about a particular learner achieving within this time period, please contact the team. 


For Entry Levels 1-3, centres devise their own SLC assessments using the sample structure available on the qualification page of the website. These assessment tasks will be externally verified by your Lead Quality Reviewer. Word document templates are available via the portal. 

Levels 1 and 2 SLC assessments are set by Open Awards. The live assessments can be downloaded from the portal by your assessment administrator. These assessments are confidential and must be kept secure at all times. There is a sample assessment for each assessment available on the qualification page of the website. The samples cannot be used as a live assessment; but should be used to prepare the learner. 

Centres can choose to write their own assessments for Levels 1 and 2. This should be done following the instructions in the 'Guidance on Setting Centre Devised SLC Assessment Tasks' and submitted to Open Awards for approval in advance of any assessments taking place. Please note, there is a charge for the approval  of centre devised Level 1 and Level 2 SLC assessments. 

Pass Marks for Level 1 and 2 English Reading/Writing and Maths assessments vary per assessment version and are set following standardisation and awarding activities.

Each Maths assessment is designed to enable a minimally competent learner to achieve a pass mark of around 36 out of 60.

Each English Reading assessment is designed to enable a pass mark of around 18 out of 30 and each English Writing assessment is designed to enable a pass mark of around 36 out of 60.

However, the awarding process will determine specifically where the pass mark sits for each assessment version. Therefore, the pass mark may vary between assessments. 


Entry Level Pass Marks are pre-set as below: 

  • Entry Level 1 Reading - 8 out of 12
  • Entry Level 1 Writing - 19 out of 30
  • Entry Level 2 Reading - 10 out of 16
  • Entry Level 2 Writing - 22 out of 34
  • Entry Level 3 Reading - 12 out of 18
  • Entry Level 3 Writing - 24 out of 36
  • Entry Level 1 Maths - 16 out of 24
  • Entry Level 2 Maths - 19 out of 28
  • Entry Level 3 Maths - 24 out of 36

Dictionaries can be used in English reading assessments. They cannot be used in English writing assessments. 

Dictionaries must be standard English language and must not contain a Thesaurus or be Bi-Lingual. They cannot contain annotations or notes. 

Wherever possible, dictionaries should be provided by the centre to ensure these requirements are met. If a learner is using their own dictionary, this should be checked at the start of the assessment by the invigilator. 

Open Awards does not endorse any specific English dictionary, but anticipates learners are likely to have access to a mini-school dictionary or school dictionary.

There is no minimum age. You must ensure that a full initial assessment has been completed with learners to check that the qualification is appropriate for them. This should include their progression routes. 

If an assessment didn't start, you do not need to wait 14 days to re-schedule. The 48 hours scheduling rules apply as normal. 

You can make the group up with ‘staff’ (e.g tutors etc, but with no vested interest) or other learners at the centre, as long as you check to make sure they’re following guidance.

A Learner must achieve a Pass in all three assessment components at the same level to achieve a full English Functional Skills qualification at that level. 

A Learner cannot aggregate results from the three assessment components at different levels in order to be awarded an English Functional Skills qualification.