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External Verification

When you believe that your learners have achieved all the necessary units, you must submit your recommendations for the award of credit through the Portal.

Once Open Awards is aware that you require an external quality assurance review, your allocated LQR will normally contact you within 5 days to make the necessary arrangements.

Centre visits Prior to the visit

In most cases, our LQR will arrange to visit your centre. When arranging a visit, our LQR will confirm:

  • The date, time and approximate length of the visit
  • The site to be visited
  • The course runs to be reviewed
  • The names of any learners, assessors and internal quality assurers they wish to meet
  • Any other discussion points (where known in advance).

We recommend that you raise any issues or concerns you have with the LQR prior to the meeting, so that they be included in the discussions on the day. During the visit During the visit, our LQR/EQA will review the assessment decisions made by assessors and the checks carried out by the internal quality assurers. They will consider the quality and consistency of assessment decisions and assessment practice by:

  • Sampling learner assessments
  • Reviewing records of assessments, internal quality assurance and team meetings
  • Speaking with learners and assessors to ensure that evidence and records of assessment are both valid and authentic
  • Reviewing procedures.

Sample sizes will vary from centre to centre and will depend on how long the qualification has been approved at the centre, staff familiarity with the qualification and number of learners. Sampling strategies we may adopt include:

  • The use of all assessment methods across a range of units
  • A selection of units across a sample of learners’ evidence
  • A full qualification across a sample of learners’ evidence
  • A sample of units delivered by more than one tutor/assessor
  • Sampling of satellite sites and other assessment sites where applicable.

We will increase the sample size as required to satisfy their need to ensure that assessment decisions are valid. We will also check that learners have been given appropriate access to assessment following the requirements specified in the Open Awards Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy. At the end of the visit, the LQR will confirm any actions required, highlight examples of particular good practice and update your centre’s risk rating.

For more information, visit our Centre Handbook