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There are four categories of mitigation that will be available depending on the qualification:

  • Calculation of results
  • Adaptation to assessment
  • Delay of assessment
  • No mitigation due to there being no learners due to complete this summer.

The majority of our qualifications will be in scope for calculation of results. 

There is a full list of Open Awards qualifications within scope for mitigation available to view on our website here.

As many learners as possible should receive grades for their vocational qualifications this summer as possible. The majority of Open Awards qualifications are in scope for a calculated grade.

If the qualification you are delivering is on the list for a delay to assessment, please contact to tell us what date you would like to extend your course to.

If the qualification you are delivering is not on the list for a delay to assessment, please do not simply extend your course into next academic year without speaking to a member of the Open Awards team to explore whether we can award your learners using an alternative method of assessment.

 There is a full list of Open Awards qualifications within scope for mitigation available to view on our website here.

For on-screen and on-demand assessments, simply edit the schedule as normal to cancel it or to mark which learners attended or did not attend. 

If a learner does not attend or the assessment does not go ahead as planned, as long as the schedule on XAMS is updated with this information, this will not be marked as an 'attempt' so you will be able to re-schedule. There is no charge associated with rescheduling assessments that do not go ahead as planned. 

Yes, if there are alternative units available within the qualification you are offering that are more suited to online delivery, you can change your course to include these units as long as the rules of combination will still be met and your staff are suitably skilled to assess the units.

Please contact to request a change to your course.

This is available to download from the portal. For Functional Skills qualifications, there is a generic template for each subject. For all other vocational qualifications, you will need to generate the EARS for your individual course runs. This will then pre-populate the report with your learner and unit registration information.

This information will be used to pre-populate the EARS report when you download it from the Portal and will save you needing to manually enter unit information for each learner.

Yes but we need you to complete this as soon as possible to ensure we include your learners in scope this summer. Please contact to let us know that there are outstanding registrations and confirm when we will receive these.

Yes you will need to complete an Evidence of Assessment and Record Sheet (EARS). This can be downloaded from the portal.

Yes you can claim these as normal through the portal and we will provide a certificate of unit achievement. If your learners will be returning next year to continue with their qualification, please contact the team on to extend the course run end date.

The window for submission is the first 2 weeks of June (1-12th June). We have put a mop-up window in place for extenuating circumstances at the beginning of July. If you are not able to meet the deadline for the first submission in June, please contact the team to arrange to be included in the second window in July. Please email

We will continue to release results on-demand as external quality assurance activities are completed. The latest date for releasing calculated results is 20th August 2020.